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  • What shipping services do you use?
    Ironman Distribution's primary shipping companies are UPS (small packages) and FedEx (Freight). We do not guarantee that these companies will be responsible for all of our shipments. When shipping direct from vendor to customer, the vendor often has their own shipping methods in place which will handle the transportation of your order.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    When receiving a quote from our sales team, you will be able to see which items are in stock and which are not. We can provide information regarding the restock timeframe for items that are not ready for shipping, allowing the customer to decide if they would like to still place the order. We are happy to ship the items once in stock, or notify you once they are in to see if you are still interested in making a purchase. Once the order has been shipped, we will send tracking information and updates to the purchaser's email.
  • How do I place and order and pay for it?
    Once you have finished adding products to your 'quote cart,' proceed by pressing the get quoted button. This will take you through a standard checkout procedure. The prices of each product will be set at $0, and will later on be adjusted by our sales team. After completing the checkout process, our team will be notified of your quote request and begin working on pricing out the products. Once the quote is completed, we will send it to the purchaser's email. If you decide to accept the quote and place the order, we will send you a sales conformation, invoice and information regarding payment. Ironman Distribution is currently only accepting payment by check. If this is an issue, please email
  • Why are the prices and order total set at $0 when checking out?
    Because Wix has its limitations, there is no quote function built directly into the software. We have found a way to make quoting possible by setting product prices to $0 and setting the payment method to checks only. This allows for customers to prepare an order and send it to us, but not have to input payment information. We receive your 'order' and treat it as a quote request. Once received, we will work on getting pricing inputted and send you the quote by email.
  • How do I find out about Ironman Distributions additional product offerings?
    Our temporary site is currently displaying a limited catalog while the development of our custom purchasing platform and management software is ongoing. To find out about additional products or if you have a product that you would like our procurement service to look into, please email or call us at +1 (800) 851-8328. We will be happy to assist you with your procurement needs!
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